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Please keep the holiday closings in mind – ACH, RDC and wires will not be processed if Redstone Federal Credit Union is closed.

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Make purchases in seconds with a simple tap or scan of your mobile device. Load your Redstone credit or debit cards into Apple Pay®, Android Pay™, or Samsung Pay™ and make purchases without your physical card being present. You still get the benefits and rewards associated with your cards plus the added convenience and security of digital wallet. Learn more here.

Redstone Federal Credit Union® (RFCU®) does not warrant, guarantee, or insure any service or product offered by any third-party company or participating merchant. Digital wallet services are not an obligation of RFCU; see Digital Wallet Terms and Conditions for more details. RFCU’s privacy policies do not apply to any third-party company or participating merchant. Please consult third-party company(s), or participating merchant(s) privacy disclosures for further information. RFCU, third-party companies, and participating merchants are separate entities.


If you need assistance with your Business Online Banking login please call 256-837-6110 ext. 1104 or 800-234-1234 ext. 1104 M-F 8AM - 5PM CST.


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